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Exterior cleaning & Pressure Washing,  Merton, Sutton, Kingston

Are we operating in your area?

These following are the main areas we operate in, but are not limited to:


-Morden         -Wimbledon

-Kingston       -Sutton

-Mitcham       -Epsom

-Tooting         -Wandsworth

-Croydon       -New Malden

-Banstead     -Tadworth

Our Aims

At Pow Wash exterior cleaning services we pride ourself on our tentative and reliable service which our reviews across the likes of trusted boards like Checkatrade and Bark showcase.

We pride ourselves on delivering a reliable and smooth service for you. Regardless of the fact we are coming to clean your property to clean, we are totally aware that people take pride on their homes and we always clean up after ourselves.


Where did we start?

Originally the company was started by Ben who fell into gutter cleaning and pressure washing at his home town Swansea in 2016, since then Ben has developed a vision which encompasses a variety of services and equipment that can be used to provide a full cleaning service.


Keeping our standards high

We always make an effort to purchase the latest tools to provide our cleaning services with, this generally helps us give you a more effective and comprehensive clean, also lets you get back to everyday schedule sooner than you may have otherwise. We train our team extensively so we can quickly assess the best and safest way to access awkward and high areas. 


Gutter Cleaning

With our high reach gutter vacuum we can clear your gutters of moss, leaves, debris and any other dirt that may be blocking your gutters. Downpipes are also checked and unlocked wth our high reach camera system. Our domestic gutter cleans cover terrace houses, semi detached and detached, from 1 story to 5 story buildings. We also cover commercial buildings such as wear houses and garages to residential homes, hospitals, pubs and restaurants.


Window Clean & Conservatory Cleaning

We also use a high reach pole system for the window cleaning aswell. The system we use is a 'pure water system' which means the water that we use from our telescopic brushes leaves your glass sparkling with no streaks or dirty water left behind. The high reach pole system also allows us to reach awkward windows, like the grimy velux windows on your roof that are often the skylights of your house. We will always ask you to check the work for us as your satisfaction with our service is our number one priority, as it keeps you smiling and keeps us in bussiness.

We also cover conservatory cleaning, by using a combination of telescopic brushes and ladders, we can turn your conservatory roof into the crystal clean glass that used to let light in .


Driveway & Patio Pressure Washing

If your patio or driveway has crept up on you and got muddy and lifeless behind your back, we offer a service that will leave you looking forward to inviting the family friends around for some beverages... depending on the weather!

We use a flat surface cleaner which means minimal spray back. With the flat surface surface cleaner in combination with our petrol powered commercial pressure pump, we are always proud to deliver you the quality results this machine allows us to and that will certainly leave you smiling. You can view some of our projects on our Instagram page.