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Driveway cleaning & Power Washing, Merton, Sutton, Kingston

  • Commercial Standard Pressure Washing

  • Removal of dirt and mould

  • Professional analysis 

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  • Soft washing solutions available

  • Re-sanding available

  • We use our own power

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These following are the main areas we operate in, but are not limited to:

-Morden         -Wimbledon

-Kingston       -Sutton

-Mitcham       -Epsom

-Tooting         -Wandsworth

-Croydon       -New Malden

-Banstead     -Tadworth

Thinking about getting a Driveway Clean?

Pressure cleaning is probably the most satisfying work we do, we love the shock people have when we turn a grimy and dulled driveway into looking like its just been laid. deriveways are luxuries people put good money into, but with the British weather, that moss and dirt creeps up behind our backs and that luxury fades, then we forget its original glory....But don't doubt your driveway before we give it a go!

What equipment do we use?

We use our commercial standard petrol jet wash to execute the clean, this will quite literally wipe the floor with any domestic pressure washer. Another feature our pressure washer has is its 'flat surface cleaning attachment' which is a disc that glides across the floor and has 2 jets underneath which spin and clean the surface a couple of inches above the ground, so our clean is also perfectly distributed. Another benefit of the flat surface cleaner is that it contains any splashback within the disk, so we can keep your walls and glass clean while we pressure wash your driveway.


Whats the process?

The process is fairly simple, we set up our machinery wherever we can get access to, then connect to an outdoor tap, however don't worry if you don't have one available as we normally have an adapter that will fit an indoor tap (a picture of the tap would be useful for us in this circumstance). We then remove any pots and plants that may be obstructing the clean and we are ready to begin. We also don't need to connect to electricity as the machine is petrol driven, so we don't need to disturb you once our work starts.

Pressure washing isn't always the right solution for every surface, so we do use softer solutions and chemicals (some bio friendly) on the more delicate surfaces. Often, when surfaces hold stubborn lichen and black mould stains we can use a combination of both to restore your driveway.



What do we clean?

We clean all types of surfaces, a few of the surfaces compatible with power washing are – driveways, patios, block paving, slabs, sandstone, natural stone, brickwork and more. 

We also aren't restricted to cleaning ground surfaces, we also clean vertical surfaces such as brick walls, fences, stone, concrete and many more. We can manage most vertical surfaces with ease, the only restriction we have is height, if we are cleaning small areas above 3 meters, this is normally achieved by our telescopic pressure cleaning equipment, however if the height is larger, we sometimes hire temporary scaffolding which is normally £120.


How do we price?

We can price the job in a variety of ways, for domestic jobs a picture or video of your driveway can be a great guide for us and we can normally give you a quote this way. Once you have received a quote and happy with your value for money, we are always happy to forefill and quote any further cleaning requests when we are at the job.

For commercial and industrial pressure washing, a picture is a good way for us to give you an indication of cost, but as commercial cleaning is generally on a larger scale, we do often come down to the site to measure up before we give you our final quote. 

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