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What you may want to know before we start!

We have dealt with all types of patio and are more than confident in being able to clean yours.

there is no such thing as a patio to dirty for us to clean, we have seen it all. you may have come across black spots on your patio (lichen) which may seem Impossible to get off, however we use help from solutions, which we have found to work miracles in turning your drive into its original condition. If you have a problem that is easier to explain through pictures, please don't hesitate to send us a picture through e-mail, or you can call us and one of our team members can give you a number so you can send it to them and have immediate advice over the phone.

With Award Winning power washing machinery, we finish all jobs to a high standard, leaving no mess behind.

Award Winning Equipment

Patio clean

Getting your 

is a very delicate job

and each one is to be treated differently with a different amount of pressure, and when needed the right eco friendly chemicals can be used to restore a fresh clean patio.