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About Pow Wash

Pow Wash is a London based business that was originally started in Wales back in 2016. Straight from the get go we invested in great machinery for our first venture, which was pressure washing and we got great feedback. Ever since then we’ve always worked with the latest cleaning equipment.

We pride ourselves on customer service and satisfaction and proud to express this through our reviews, with a team of really friendly staff who enjoy what they do. We make sure that you are happy with the work before we finish and usually ask you to sign us off before any payment is made.

In a city of busy people and social butterflies we know that time and space are important, so we work efficiently and tidily, allowing you to carry on your day as normal. Not every house has side access or a back garden so we also wear shoe covers when we need to pass through your home.

Experienced professionals waiting for your call

The POW Wash Crew


Hey, I'm Ben and I moved up to London from Wales in 2017 to further develop Pow Wash.

I love being outdoors and putting my energy into exterior cleaning is a perfect fit for me... even in winter when my toes disappear.

You will probably deal with me when enquiring about work, so please feel free to ask about anything you're unsure about and ill be more than happy to assist.

Cleaning Specialist

Hey, I'm Hector, I started working with Pow Wash a year ago during the COVID crisis, once I discovered what the role was about and started to enjoy work outdoors, it gave me a new perspective on work.

I am looking forward to providing you a great service... sun, rain or snow, I am here to help and answer all your questions if needed.

Cleaning Specialist

Hey, I'm Niamh and I work part time at Pow Wash. I grew up in Ireland so am immune to the cold for life.

I fell into this job while I was studying in Wimbledon, being a musician on the side, I like to clear my head and get in the zone, exterior cleaning is surprisingly such a satisfying job to do that!

I'm OCD at the best of times so you can trust me not to miss a spot. See you soon.

Cleaning Specialist

Hey, I'm Warrick and am originally from South Africa, I used to work in the mines, then when I moved to London, I somehow managed to find my feet on the rooftops. I'm a bit of an old soul and love my puzzles, with roof cleaning and many of the other jobs at Pow Wash.

I'm always figuring out the best way to attack problems, mostly to do with accessibility and efficiency.

Commercial & domestic washing
Quotes available via pictures
Soft washing available
Removal of dirt and mould
Supply our own power
No mess left following a clean
Uniformed and polite workforce
Local bussiness highly reviewed

The quality of our service delivery is our top priorty

We always make an effort to purchase the latest tools to provide our cleaning services with, this generally helps us give you a more effective and comprehensive clean, also lets you get back to everyday schedule sooner than you may have otherwise. We train our team extensively so we can quickly assess the best and safest way to access awkward and high areas.